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Best Music Hashtags - Empty Auditorium Picture
Best Music Hashtags – Empty Auditorium Picture

Best Music Hashtags – Best Buy Sound Bars Review 

Welcome to our music hashtags blog! As always, we hand pick each hashtag to give you the best music hashtags! Check out our research to see why we are WAY better than the competition!

Now on to the fun stuff!

In the online world, we have to blog about the topics we get hashtags for because Google would tax us for duplicate content and other negative things if we just gave you hashtags and had a boring website.

Best Music Hashtags - Best Buy Sound Bar Review
Best Music Hashtags – Best Buy Sound Bar Review

Music Hashtags – Best Buy Sound Bar Review

Before we get you the best music hashtags to max out your social posts, we wanted to share an experience we had with the most amazing Best Buy sound bar we’ve ever come across! But even before we do that, we have to give a shout out to home music producers and up and coming artists! This is serious business, so please read at least this part!


If you are using cracked software, you want to read this post on FL Studio 12 Crack – Pros and Cons Of Using Cracked Software. My friend has first-hand experience on either side, and you can get in some serious mess about it! If you’re serious about your music… click on the link above to read something he wrote just for you!

I have a buddy in the production business who set up his first studio when he was 13. He makes trap beats, and knows stuff that only professional sound engineers know at just 31 years of age! His name is Ray Gustowski, owner of Ray G Production! Please tell him I sent you if you need custom beats done, or end up chatting with him… We are old friends! Tell him Eric said waaaasssuuupp!

Now Let’s Get Down to Business!

My name is Eric. One of the publishers here at Most Popular Hashtags. I am certified in online publishing and content marketing, but before my days writing for websites, I was a certified mystery shopper…

This next story and Best Buy soundbar review are a true story of a mystery shop I went on that gave me a favorite brand in home speakers and was so much fun I had my friend Quillava22 on Fiverr draw it up for me!

Best Music Hashtags - Best Buy Sound Bars - Original Art by Quillava22
Best Music Hashtags – Best Buy Sound Bars – Original Art by Quillava22

Mystery Shopping 101 – NEVER… EVER Let Them Know You Are the Shopper

One of my favorite mystery shops was a Best Buy home theater audit for a company that specializes in electronics. The assignment was to inconspicuously go into a Best Buy and evaluate the SONOS brand home theater speakers.

I knew I couldn’t just go up and ask brand specific questions. That would give me away as the shopper. SO, to throw the Best Buy Geek Squad guy off, I waited until he walked up to the speakers and said, “Hey, can I jam some E-40 on these speakers?” (Which explains the original art with us jamming in Best Buy)

We got along famously, as you can probably see in the picture, and I found my favorite Best Buy Sound Bar on this mystery shop, as well as a couple of others you may want to keep in mind as an option.

Best Music Hashtags - SONOS Playbar
Best Music Hashtags – SONOS Playbar

#1 My Favorite Best Buy Sound Bar – SONOS Soundbar

The Geek Squad guy that I was with was named Brian. He had started the SONOS Playbar playing first with a song called “The Slap” by E-40.

When I asked Brian what makes this Best Buy sound bar different than other ones in the store, I’ll never forget what he said…

“The money and parts that SONOS puts into their products.”

The SONOS Playbar surprised me from the instant it started playing with its crystal clear sounds and deep bass licks. I was surprised that the E-40 song we were listening to didn’t make the sound distort in any way because E-40 loves his bass deep and hard.

It didn’t surprise me to find out that the SONOS Playbar had nine amplifiers and nine different speakers built-in. Sonos states that they set out to reinvent home audio.

After listening to this one… I believe their work speaks for itself…

Music Hashtags - Sonos SUB Black
Music Hashtags – Sonos SUB Black

#2 Don’t Forget Your SONOS Sub 

Next, Brian recommended that if you have the money, going with the whole system is better for a home theater. Now, to be honest, for my apartment the Playbar was plenty.

Then again… More of anything good, especially sound is always better, so if I had the money I would definitely want both speakers.

If you are looking to put together a killer sound for your home, you’re going to want the SONOS sub to max out the home theater effect. Deep, rich bass, and zero vibration with a cutting edge, deliciously engineered design.

Two Class D amplifiers, tuned perfectly, and two force-canceling speaker drivers with dual acoustic ports and auto equalizer for the perfect sound.

There are more SONOS speakers available on the SONOS website, and here is a coupon code for you just in case you want to shop around!

Free upgrade to 2nd day shipping @ with coupon code SNSFS18

Biggest 10 Facebook Groups for Rock Music

Here is a list of the biggest Facebook groups for rock music:

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CLASSIC ROCK LOVERS – 57,000 members
Punk Rock Community – 40,000 Members
Music Group 19,000 Members
Classic Rock International – 22,000 Members

Best Music Hashtags for Hip Hop Music

Best Influencers for Hip Hop Music

A Recommendation for Rappers and Hip Hop Artists!

By the way, if you need custom trap beats, rap beats, or hip-hop beats, my friend Ray G Production has the best beats. He has been mixing and recording over half his life, and he has good prices! Check out his custom beats for sale page, or thumb through the rap beats on his homepage! Tell him Eric sent you and said whassup!

Best Music Hashtags for Rock Music

Best Influencers for Rock Music

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Best Music Hashtags - Best Buy Sound Bar Reviews
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Best Music Hashtags - Best Buy Sound Bar Reviews
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