Law of Averages – What We Know About Numbers

The Law of Averages – Why We Care About Your Numbers!

The law of averages, in layman’s terms, basically means that if you have a timeline with a certain amount of yes’s and no’s in it… You could basically double or ***extend*** your timeline and expect more yeses to be in it.

Let’s say, for instance…

You work in sales… Let’s just say you sell an awesome new gadget that keeps shoes from flopping around inside the dryer.

This not only makes things quieter for people at home, but it extends the life of the dryer and prevents the door from opening so that their clothes are never still wet in the morning when they need to go to work.

Well, if on your average day, you talked to 50 people and were able to convince 12 of them to buy your new “ShoeStopper.”

Well then technically if you doubled the people you talk to… to 100… you would expect to sell closer to 24 ShoeStoppers

So, according to the law of averages the more eyes you get on your product, the more sales you get from your efforts.

The Law of Averages - My Mom
The Law of Averages – This Sweet Lady with Her Grandkids… Is My Mom

The Law of Averages – My Mom

“The Story of the Acadian Christmas Angel”

There has been tons of proof that the law of averages works, but the most real-life example that I can give is my mother.

My mother read two books in her life that made her the top salesperson at every job she ever had. Of course, she loved people, and that did help as well, but for the most part, she bragged a lot about these books.

She said that they taught her to get her numbers up and go out and work harder to make more money, and it had always worked.

She read The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, and she read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

My mother would talk about the law of averages a lot.

She would tell us, “Kids, if you want to know why I make enough for Christmas because I’m out humping it until dark when everyone else is going home at 5:30 because I want to be able to give you guys a good Christmas.”

My mom is living proof that the law of averages works. She went nationwide at most every sales job she ever had. Her company would usually buy her a company car in the first couple of months.

I remember at one point, she worked at Acadiana Technical College which was a small Technical College in Lake Charles Louisiana. She matched my dad in the oilfield who made $75,000 a year as a journeyman electrician.

The college didn’t pay her a lot, but she would work like 12-15 hour days.

She had proof that the law of averages worked… AND…

She would double her numbers and double her paychecks using this rule.

What We Know About Numbers – Law of Averages

My point is, not only can using hashtags enhance the number of people that can find your information online… But if you’re into sales, it can enhance your income too!

This is why we’re so serious about finding you the best hashtags by popularity and by engagement. No matter what you are sharing, you want to reach all the people you can. I don’t care if it’s a funny picture, or a link to your website, or a car you are trying to sell. The more the merrier.

Some websites take their hashtags lightly. For example, we found hashtags with 6.3% popularity on a couple very popular hashtag sites.

Here is proof with screenshots showing their lazy hashtags!

There’s no point to take up space with that especially on Twitter where you can only have 280 characters…

So we

Make our Hashtags COUNT!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and don’t forget to check out our other blogs!

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Thanks for listening!

…And in the famous words of 311 “Stay Positive and Love Your Life!”

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