Beach Hashtags – Best Beaches in the US to Find Sand Dollars

Beach Hashtags - Picture of a Resort Island
Beach Hashtags – Picture of a Resort Island

Beach Hashtags – Here Are the Best Beach Hashtags

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Beach Hashtags – Best Beaches in the US to Find Sand Dollars

We don’t know why, but we have always liked sand dollars. We’ve listed the Top 10 Best Beaches to Find Sand Dollars so that if you like sand dollars as much as us, you will know where to go for the best seashell stash!

We are not the only ones that think sand dollars are special! There are millions of people all over the earth that have found amazement in the sand dollar. What gets us the most is the fact that the bottom of the shell looks like a turtle shell. We love turtles!

One more thing that amazes us is the fact that 5 dove-shaped sea shells come out of the inside of the shell if you break it open. That makes them truly different, and a little mysterious~! So anyway, let’s get down to business here!

Here are the best beaches in the US to find sand dollars!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some places, it is illegal to collect live shells. In Sanibel, Florida, you can get fined $500 AND up to 60 days in jail for the first offense! So, if you do not want to get fined, here are some tips to make sure your sand dollars have lived their full lives and given themselves to you:

  1. Make Sure they Are White
  2. Make Sure they Are not Moving
  3. Don’t Keep Purple Ones, Green Ones, or Brown Ones

General Sand Dollar Tips

  1. Find Sand Dollars in the Early Morning Before Seagulls Pick at Them
  2. FInd More Sand Dollars in the Winter When the Tide is Going Out
  3. Bleach Sand Dollars to Whiten Them and Kill Odors

Here is an article on how to cure and preserve sand dollars by Wiki How!

#1 US Beach to Find Sand Dollars – Sanibel Beach

Sanibel Island Beaches are barrier islands off the west southern coast of Florida near Fort Myers and Cape Coral. It has long since been regarded as one of the most breathtaking beaches, and one of the best beaches for shelling.

USA Today has Sanibel Beach ranked as #7 in top Florida attractions in their Reader’s Choice winners. According to their review. people come from all over the world to “Sanibel Stoop,” intoxicated and helplessly taken by the multitude of seashells on Sanibel’s shores.

Bring your buckets and drawstring bags… The kids are going home RICH!

Beach Hashtags - Ocean Beach in San Francisco at Sunrise
Beach Hashtags – Ocean Beach in San Francisco at Sunrise

#2 US Beach to Find Sand Dollars – Ocean Beach, San Francisco 

Ocean Beach, San Francisco is a very long beach, known for its deadly sunsets and deadlier riptides. The beach at dusk or dawn is exactly knee-weakening in beauty, and the shelling there is said to be amazing in the winter.

According to this Wintertime is time for beachcombing article on, the winter is the best time to find miles of seashells during the winter especially. This same article lists Ocean Beach “The best spot I know to find sand dollars.”

Beach Hashtags Bandon Oregon Beach
Beach Hashtags Bandon Oregon Beach

#3 US Beach to Find Sand Dollars – Bandon Beach, Oregon

According to Our Oregon Coast, the Oregon sand dollars most common are the Dendraster Excentricus, also known as the sea-cake. Bandon Beach is best in the mornings before the seagulls come rutting through scouring for food.

According to this article on Beach, the 20 mile stretch between Seaside and  Warrenton is the best sand dollar hunting around due to the natural flow of the food chain.

Beach Hashtags - Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Beach Hashtags – Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

#3 US Beach to Find Sand Dollars – Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

According to this review on Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches,  Hanalei Bay and Tunnels Beach are both great for shelling. Also known as a great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving., Tunnel beach is reportedly responsible for starting the shell necklace craze in the 1960’s.

Come explore the magical underwater world of caves and corals, and bring a kite… it’s windy!

Beach Hashtabs - Cumberland Island - Dungenous Dock
Beach Hashtabs – Cumberland Island – Dungenous Dock

#3 US Beach to Find Sand Dollars – Dungenous Dock, Cumberland Island, Georgia

According to Mari Krueger, a freelance writer that has written for several famous publications including the New York Times and the Houston Chronicle, among others, Dungenous Dock is well worth a special trip.

Peppered with more shells than any other beach, and the perfect spot for sand dollars, Mari Krueger reports that the Dungenous Dock is so abundant in shells because they only allow 300 people on the beach at any given time. Check out this sweet spot for shelling next time you are in Georgia!

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency

Beach Hashtags – Top 10 Facebook Groups for Beach Lovers!

We couldn’t find a whole lot of plain “beach” or “beach lover” groups that had a lot of members, so we just gave you the ones with the most people… just thumb through them, you may benefit from a few of them, or even all of them depending on your intention!

Virginia Beach Rocks! – VBR – 11,000 Members




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Beach Hashtags - Best Beaches in the US to Find Sand Dollars
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