Weed Hashtags – The Best Places to Get Medical Marijuana Oil Recipes

Weed Hashtags – Best Weed Hashtags

Here are your best weed hashtags for popularity!

Best Weed Influencers

This section is for times when you have a brand or anything amazing or valuable to share. These people post all the time and will give you a better possibility of retweets.

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Shatter- Weed Hashtags
Shatter- Weed Hashtags

Weed Hashtags – The Best Places to Get Medical Marijuana Oil Recipes

Thanks for stopping by our weed hashtags blog. If you don’t know what we do, Most Popular Hashtags hand-picks hashtags by popularity for each subject.

We do this because website generators just waste space, and they don’t leave enough space for you to add links or engage your crowd.

Our website would be too boring if we just gave you hashtags and that’s it, so to keep things original and engaging, we pick cool stuff to blog about on every topic. If you keep reading, this blog will give you:

  • The Top 3 Best Places to Get Shatter and Hash Recipes
  • The Top 10 Biggest Facebook Groups

If you only came to grab your weed hashtags, just scroll to the end of the page and get those.

The Best Places to Get Medical Marijuana Oil Recipes

These are the best places I was able to find to get weed recipes from. Hopefully, these websites will help you make edibles and concentrates on your own for you or your budding business…

Original Weed Recipes

From dry ice hash to weed muffins, Original Weed Recipes has it all. They also have a nice selection of scales, oven mitts, aprons, cookbooks, and more! Be sure to check out the “Friends” section in the bottom footer on theirs, as they are connected with some pretty cool websites too!

BlackKat’s CannaPharm

BlackKat’s CannaPharm  is a very robust website with tons of video tutorials, recipes, and more. They are active in every aspect of the marijuana community, and you can find everything from chicken noodle soup to hash recipes, as well as a slew of other fun stuff!

Be sure to share their website and send them proof of your shares to be entered into a monthly drawing where you can win prizes just for spreading the word! Here is their tutorials page where all the yummy stuff and wicked recipes are!


Daily Dabs420

Daily Dabs420 has shatter recipes, hash oil capsules recipes, and a full line of dab tools and smoke supplies. Make sure and check out their DIY dabbing page for cool tutorials on how to make your own rosin!

Now… It’s time for the

Top 10 Biggest Weed Facebook Groups!

I smoke weed – 339,000 Members

Weed Memes&Info – 33,000 Members

i smoke weed – 24,000 Members

Everything About Weed ( E.A.W ) – 84,000 Members

Weed Smokers 8,000 Members

The Marijuana Movement – 14,000 Members

Marijuana Growers Helping Growers – 25,000 Members

420 ROAST BANTER & MEMES – 50,000 Members

Proud Stoners 420 💨💨 – 7,400 Members

420 Beards & Babes International – 5,600 Members

Weed Hashtags - Best Places to Get Shatter and Hash Recipes
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Weed Hashtags - Best Places to Get Shatter and Hash Recipes
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