Hashtags Study – How Many Hashtags Should I Be Using?

Hashtags Study – How Many Hashtags Should I Be Using?

Welcome to our hashtags study blog. Today we will be discussing ways to maximize your hashtag strategy on all of your favorite profiles.

According to this study on socialfresh‘s website, 73% of brands are using too many or not enough hashtags when they share content.


How Many Hashtags Do I Use On Each Platform?

Well, we told you that all of you social media platforms are different! If you are a social media perfectionist, you can choose to optimize your hashtags to whatever is best for each platform to peak performance with every post.

This next part will tell you how many hashtags on each platform it takes to peak engagement so that if you feel like taking the time, you can only use the ones you need for the best performance on that platform.

Using Hashtags On YouTube

YouTube hashtags are usually used in the title, description, and comments. Just keep in mind that Google will ignore over 15 hashtags because that is considered spamming.

2-3 Hashtags

Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook hashtags have been tested for the best engagement, and ironically found to cause an adverse effect. I would use:

1-2 Hashtags

Hashtags On Twitter

Twitter and tons of other brands have tested the efficacy of hashtags on Twitter’s platform. Twitter posts perform best at:

1-2 Hashtags

Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram is different than all the others. Instagram posts get the best engagement with:

5-11+ Hashtags

Hashtags On Pinterest

Pinterest Hashtags are good too because they use them to search and label topic on the boards. The number or hashtags for Pinterest is:

2-3 Hashtags

Hashtag On Google+

Google+ uses hashtags to label and find content as well. The best amount of hashtags for Google+ is:

2-3 Hashtags

Which Hashtags to Use?

We put hashtags in order from left to right by their popularity. We give you 12 hashtags and 3 top influencers. If you don’t know what influencers are, click here.

Now, Instagram will be easy, just copy and paste. The best 2-3 hashtags to use on Twitter or Google+, the most popular hashtags in every topic will always be first ones we give you.


Hashtags Study - Rules Of the Hashtag Infographic
Hashtags Study – Rules Of the Hashtag Infographic


Hashtag Strategy – What Works for Us

Here is what a lot of people do, and it covers all the bases and gives you something consistent as well.

One of your hashtags should be your brand name if you have one.

Example: #Adidas

Make 1-2 hashtags a secondary keyword that your brand is about.

Example: #shoes #apparel

Make 2-3 hashtags community focused.

Example: #like #share #follow

Hashtags Study - How Many Hashtags Should I Use? Twitter Analytics with Our Hashtags
Hashtags Study – How Many Hashtags Should I Use? Twitter Analytics with Our Hashtags

Hashtags Study – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, if you use any hashtags at all it will help boost your post to more people. We have been using 8-12 hashtags on average. In the picture above, you can see that our stats are way up an green. Just be natural, make sure your posts look OK if you are trying to get people’s attention and that matters to you.

Just in case you were expecting the best hashtags to share your hashtags study, we rounded those up for you below!

Best Influencers for New Hashtag Studies

Thank you for stopping by our hashtags study! Take care!

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Hashtags Study - How Many Hashtags Should I Be Using
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