Influencer Marketing for Dummies – When to Aim for Earned Media

Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Hand Holding A Phone With World Map Art Emanating from It
Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Hand Holding A Phone With World Map Art Emanating from It

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – When to Reach Out for Earned Media

First of all, thank you for visiting our influencer marketing for dummies blog. We wanted to blog about this topic because we offer the top three influencers on every topic, and you may not know what these are for.

DISCLAIMER: Influancer relationships are protected and governed by the Federal Trade Commission. This is not marketing advice for signed influencers, only for times when you have absolutely incredible or unique content, and you think that influencers may willingly help you extend your reach to more people because they like it.

If you do enter into any deals with influencers, this company specializes brand/influencer relationship in this and builds software to easily create disclosires on all social platforms.

What You Will Learn Here – Influencer Marketing for Dummies

By the end of this post you will be able to:

    • Define What Influncers Are
    • Define the Benefits Of Influencer Marketing
    • Empower Influencers In Your Niche With Your Content
Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Hand Holding A Phone With World Map Art Emanating from It
Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Hand Holding A Phone With World Map Art Emanating from It

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – What Is Influencer Marketing?

In brief, influencers are people highly respected in their game.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that is directed towards influencers in social media that have influence over potential buyers. In other words, they post more on a given topic than most users on social media, people consider them as go to sources for their expertise.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing – What’s In It for My Brand?

According to this article on Twitter, 87% of marketers are planning at least one influencer marketing campaign. Within the intricacies of the marketing landscape, influencers are priceless. The benefits can be quite plentiful if you know exactly what you are doing.

to get their attention and gain their pull, all you have to do is create new, compelling content about your topic that is on the mark with current needs in that niche. If it looks like something they would love to show off, chances are they will!

Some of the benefits of influencer marketing are:

    • Return On Investment (ROI)
    • Leverage On Purchase Decisions
    • Access to Demographically Segmented User that Are Normally Harder to Reach
    • Having Extra Leverage By A Known Trendsetter
    • Longtern Influencer Relationships
    • Extra Reach and Visibility
Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Apple With Bites Out Of Each Side and A Flame for the Wick
Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Apple With Bites Out Of Each Side and A Flame for the Wick

#1 – Use Influencer Marketing Tools to Refine and Scale Your Efforts

With tools that analyze data and/or pool together opt-in influencers to refine and exponentiate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. There are brands dedicated to influencer marketing, like Tapinfluence, and Upfluence that have opt-in influencers covering 50,000+ topics.

This will put you in touch with higher numbers of the right influencers on blogs and social platforms, and let you reach out to them at scale. This can multiply your marketing efforts and is much faster and more effective than doing the legwork yourself, and maximize your ROI.

Tip #2 – Create Valuable Content for Your Niche 

The idea is not to go overboard. You don’t want your content to look like a sales ad. You want more content marketing style blogs that deliver solutions.

If your content looks like something the people in your niche have never seen, and it gives them something that they can’t find anywhere else, you will get the right attention to turn influencers into natural brand advocates and get them paying attention.

#3 Use All Of Your Social Platforms

Make sure you are using all of your social platforms to maximize your reach and get your brand’s voice heard in every corner of the earth. Use your Twitter Analytics and Facebook Analytics to see how your content is doing, and understand your following’s reactions so that you can build on it.

#4 Build Friendships and Thank Them

Building friendships with people that like and share your posts is an essential step in influencer marketing. Avoid one-sided relationships and be a friend.

Offer your help and share their content back to win friendships and build long-lasting relationships with your natural-made helpers. People with influence over buying decisions can have 70% more pull than regular posts.

.Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Gears and Colors - Creative freedom Art
.Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Gears and Colors – Creative freedom Art

Give Influencers Freedom to Personalize Content

Donate some of your brand pictures to Creative Commons. Sometimes influencers want to have a photo that they manipulated or created saying your brand in their way. The bottom line, if they can get you sales rules went out the window…

Encourage content creation and be easy. Brands are one in a million, your influencer should be able to move that way within your advertisements.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Social Icons In Flowers
Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Social Icons In Flowers

Follower Count Doesn’t Matter

Don’t get caught up with an influencer’s followers.. True influencers that whole weight when they recommend products and services will go a long way even if they’re following us small. In this post, the founder of Market Domination Media states that every smaller account how did the larger ones.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Final Thoughts

First, this blog provides only a basic understanding of the concept and techniques involved with basics of influencer marketing. If you are a brand looking to sign influencers and get into the legal side of influencer relationships, you should check out this more in-depth training for that.

That being said, this blog should tell you exactly how to identify influencers in your niche and begin curating content to get them playing in your court. Influencing people with influence is as easy as considering yourself an employee of them that wants to blow their mind with your newest project to get a raise or take a promotion hands down.

If you can create great content and have a deadly aim, you can get extra pull by targeting influencers with your content. This will help you maximize your social media marketing strategy and impact before you ever truly get into playing for higher stakes later on down the road. This makes influencer marketing a perfect approach for startups that don’t have a lot of money who need all the extra pull they can get.

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