Flowers Hashtags – How to Take Amazing Flower Pictures

Flowers Hashtags – How to Take Amazing Flower Pictures

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We are going to go over some exact steps you can take to make sure that you take the most amazing pictures of flowers when you have one of those moments with the scenery!

If you keep reading, will help you take awesome pictures every time you take them in nature, just with a simple smartphone. We will also give you some flour discounts from some of our partners!

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Flowers Hashtags - Field of Sunflowers Photo
Flowers Hashtags – Field of Sunflowers Photo

How to Take Amazing Flower Pictures

When you are running around trying to get everything done…

Rockstar mom, rockstar wife, rockstar shopper, rockstar cook… and of course…

Rockstar homemaker…

Chances are you will only be packing your cell phone.

Believe it or not, the photograph at the very top of this page of the Indian Blanket flower was taken with my Note 8 in Austoin Texas at the University of Texas at Austin.

Want to know another shocker???

According to this blog on, most poor quality pictures are result of improper technique… Not having a bad camera for the job.

Here are some pro tips that you may already instinctually know, that photographers use to photograph flowers in the wild.

1. Pick an Excellent Specimen

This is a no brainer we are sure, but nevertheless, don’t let the moment steal your mission from you. Take your time and be deliberate about picking a flower.

After all, if you are planning to brag this flower on social media or your blog, you want your audience to see what you saw. This is business at that point. 🙂

2. Pick A Flower with A Good Background

Another no brainer, but we all agreed that we have taken over 15 minutes taking a picture before.

Sometimes, we move around 3+ times just to get a picture, or even to a totally different area!

3. Don’t Aim Into the Sun

Another picture killer is glare… Avoid it like the plaque!

4. Be A Kid Again

Me and both of our other writers, along with just about every student in my buying process and analysis class agreed…

We lay down in the grass when need be to get our shot. There is no missing a moment!

5. Stay Level with the Pedals

In pro photography, they say to make sure that the sensor is at a “parallel to the flower’s most important plane.

In our world we call it getting down and dirty. Just get your camera level to the flower and don’t just snap…

Pay close attention to what the wind is doing, how the flower move in the Wind, and what angle do you want your photo to be taken from. It might take several shots to get the one that you want, but when you do, if your at the right level, your results will be worth it!

Flowers Hashtags – Final Thoughts on Taking Amazing Flower Pictures

In the end, if you try your best and you miss the shot you want… you win some you lose some. Professional photographers go through that as well, so don’t feel like you’re an alien. We all do it!

Hopefully, these tips will cut down on some of the most common interferences with photographing flowers in a spur of the moment!

Now let’s get you the top 10 biggest flowers Facebook groups! If you’re a brand, a marketer, or just a flower lover… these group should hook you up with close to a million followers on Facebook!

Top 10 Biggest Flowers Facebook Groups

FLOWERS – 60,000 Members

Flowers and Quotes – 68,650 Members

We Love Flowers – 265,935

Just Beautiful Flowers – 79,074 Members

Flowers Lovers – 161,869 Members


Health and Flowers – 291,295 Members

Beautiful Flowers Roses and Poetry – 38,219 Members

WELCOME FLOWERS GARDEN & Unconditional friendship – 31,116 Members

Beautiful flowers,fruits,vegetables,plants,animals&birds images – 43,395 Members

FLOWERS OF HEAVEN – 305,033 Members


Beautiful Flowers Collection – 138,000 Members

I Love Flowers -80,000 Members

Flowers Hashtags – Best Flowers Hashtags

We have put together a list of flowers hashtags to boost your flowers posts the farthest in social media!

We handpick all of our hashtags above 60%, so our average #list will boost your post around 75% compared to not using them.

If you’re posting for a brand, are you are an influencer, marketer or start up…

You may want to check out our hashtags directions here on optimizing your engagement using hashtags on different platforms.

Best Influencers for Content About Flowers

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Flowers Hashtags - How to Take Amazing Flowers Pictures
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Flowers Hashtags - How to Take Amazing Flowers Pictures
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