Glyphosate Hashtags – Saturated Sphere – Glyphosate Contamination May Have Met Its Match

Glyphosate Hashtags - Saturated Sphere Orginal Art by Quilava22 on Fiverr
Glyphosate Hashtags – Saturated Sphere Orginal Art by Quilava22 on Fiverr

Glyphosate Hashtags – Saturated Sphere – Glyphosate Contamination May Have Met Its Match

First of all, thank you for coming to our glyphosate hashtags page! We’re glad to have you here! I’d like to start out by giving thanks to Quillava22 on Fiverr, for making my glyphosate hashtags blog way more attractive!

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Glyphosate Hashtags - V for Vendetta Mask Holding a Monsanto Murder Sign

Glyphosate Hashtags – V for Vendetta Mask Holding a Monsanto Murder Sign

What Is Glyphosate?

If you don’t know, glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup. It’s been in the spotlight a lot lately because of the rising rates of health issues. These rising health issues have been directly related to the increasing rates of the chemical that are being applied to our GMO crops, (corn, soy, etc…) Or more directly, the spotlight has been on the effects of this chemical on our bodies.

Since the introduction of this chemical to the agriculture industry, the rates every sickness you can imagine from autism to obesity… All of the autoimmune diseases… And everything in between has been rising. What’s worse and even more shocking is that those rates have been rising in conjunction with the rate of glyphosate that is being applied.

Below, you will notice an Autism prevalence chart that has been featured in many online publications since the onset of this issue first came about:

Glyphpsate Hashtags - glyphosate-autism-chart-from-CJ-1
Glyphosate Hashtags – glyphosate-autism-chart-from-CJ-1

If you keep reading, we’re going to help you understand the magnitude of the glyphosate problem, and give you some sources where you can get a more in-depth story! We’ve will show you:

  • A Video by Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D. (Below)
  • An In-Depth Article by Do You Right Professional Services (Click Here)


We will also show a couple of companies that we think should get together to just solve the whole problem!


Solid Proof of the Problem – Glyphosate Contamination – How Herbicides are Killing Us: Dr. Seneff Part 1 of 2 – Dr. Stephanie Seneff

In the video above, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, one of MIT’s Senior Research Scientists, describes the problem of human consumption of glyphosate in reference to what it does once it enters our bodies.

If you want to read a blog on our other website about Glyphosate and it’s connection to autism and other health issues, click here to read up on the topic!

The reason why we are linking out to this information, instead of blogging about it, is because we have had our eyes on two Agriculture Technology companies that have invented basically a solution to this problem. Therefore, if farmers are willing to make an investment that they will get back eventually in chemical costs alone, the glyphosate problem would no longer be an issue.

Here Are Some Other Blogs on the Issue

These other helpful blogs will help fill you in on the magnitude of the glyphosate/GMO foods topic if you still want to hear more. The main problem was that the weeds were getting immune to the chemical, causing farmers to have to use more and more of the dangerous herbicide to control them.

The rising amounts of the chemical when consumed by humans was causing problems all over our bodies, minds, and spirits, starting without gut bacteria as Dr. Stephanie Seneff, one of MIT’s Senior Research Scientists points out in this video.

Glyphosate Hashtags -Leading agTech Logos On Robotics Background
Glyphosate Hashtags -Leading agTech Logos On Robotics Background

AgTech Companies Helping Reduce Chemical Application Rates

This section will highlight the top two companies that are helping reduce chemical application rates in agriculture and commercial spray applications. These inventions are capable of reducing our exposure to glyphosate so drastically that we shouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Keep reading to see why we believe this problem is about to come to a screeching halt!

Blue River Technology – See and Spray Technology

Blue River Technologies is a company that started out in 2011, founded by two graduate students from Stanford University. Students Lee (a Ph.D. student and roboticist) and Jorge (the former head of precision agriculture department at Trimble)

Their goal… to make farming more sustainable through the use of robotics!

Blue River Technology has been busy since their emergence, working hard to incorporate machine learning, robotics, and computer vision to make the agriculture industry a more precise science. Since then. they have come out with some very helpful smart machines:

See and Spray uses three main technologies to control weeds. First, the technology takes in a picture of the ground and interprets the plants in an area. Then, the plant uses a vast library to identify weeds and also has the ability to see and pick these weeds out in conditions that would challenge the human eye.

After that, the technology acts on what it decides, spraying only the weeds, a and keeping chemicals off of our foods. Then, the technology uses a “verify and learn” technique that goes over what it’s done already, using a closed loop cycle to check its work.


MAGGROW is a spray system technology that mounts on the spray booms of a tractor. This is very similar to the Blue River Technology weed recognition.

The difference is, MAGGROW, magnetizes the spray booms to be attracted to the natural magnetic fields of the plants.

This magnetic force then magnetizes the spray with the chemical in it. This extra power can reduce  spray drift by up to 70% by attracting it to the plants. Pretty amazing right?

MAGGROW has boom kits, for the tractors that go out every day to perform the spray applications and a backpack unit as well for smaller jobs. They have been tested and proven to work. The results are astounding.

Here are some of the benefits MAGGROW technology has brought to the table:

  • Reduced Water and Chemical Usage’
  • Reduced Labor and Energy Costs
  • Increased Spray Windows and Hours (Whether is not as much of an issue.)
  • Increased Disease Control
  • Overall Increased Yield

Not to mention that MAGGROW products make the process of spraying crops and controlling pests all around more compliant with legislative laws governing acceptable rates and levels present in our foods and environments… AND Better environmental control.

More importantly, MAGGROW technology reduces the risks of glyphosate contamination affecting people, brands, animals, plants, and other biota and nearby communities that would have otherwise been in serious trouble without them!

Glyphosate Hashtags – Saturated Sphere – Final Thoughts

Basically, our take on the topic of glyphosate contamination is like this…

With both technologies installed on spray rigs, you farmers will be:

Only Spraying the Weeds

This will control the human consumption of glyphosate contributed to direct spray applications.

Preventing Spray Drift into Waterways and Nearby Communities

This will stop the problems associated with chemical waste, runoff, and spray drift associated with commercial spray applications.

Not to mention the fact that with both technologies in place, they will be using 70-80% fewer chemicals and water. This will let farmers stay compliant with laws Not to mention that they will be “saving the health of this planet from visible epidemics that could be caused if we don’t get this done.”

That being said, I for one would like to see mandatory installation regulations set in place for this equipment.  Here are my reasons:

  • The Farmers Had No Intention of Harming Us in the Frist Place
  • Once there Is An Option to not Kill Us… This Would Be Considered Murder

We hope you have enjoyed this blog! Please like and share our work, and feel free to leave your links, comments, or questions in the comment section below!

Glyphosate Contamination - Monsanto Original Art for Glyphosate Hashtags Topic
Glyphosate Contamination – Monsanto Original Art for Glyphosate Hashtags Topic

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