Happy Saturday – Does Fedex Deliver On Saturday?

Happy Saturday – Girl With Arms Spread to Sunset

Happy Saturday – Does Fedex Deliver On Saturday and Other Saturday No Brainers!

Welcome to our happy Saturday blog! In this blog, we’re going to discuss Saturday no-brainers! Questions like “Does FedEx deliver on Saturday?” and “Is Saturday a business day?” Are all questions that we Googled or asked at one point in our lives!

This post will answer these questions and more, with dead-on proof that our answers are legit! If you are looking for Saturday Hashtags, CLICK HERE TO GO GRAB THOSE!

Keep reading to drop a list of no-brainers about Saturday’s!

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Happy Saturday - An Open Delivery Box with Words
Happy Saturday – An Open Delivery Box with Words

Does FedEx Deliver On Saturdays?

This is a classic no-brainer, but we’ve all done it…

Does FedEx deliver on Saturdays? Well, the answer is kind of tricky, but basically yes!

According to FedEx Shipping Services, residential Saturday deliveries go regularly scheduled just like the weekdays. It’s business deliveries that you have to worry about from FedEx on Saturdays, and apparently, for the right price, you can schedule those as well for Saturdays!


Is Saturday A Business Day?

In most cases, no is the answer to this question. Let me explain…

According to this Amazon forum, orders placed after the “cut-off time” on Friday are processed on Monday. Yahoo says about the same, especially about deliveries! This is the general rule with deliveries.

In other words, if you order something online, the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) are not considered business days. There are some exceptions though. For example, as we highlighted above, FedEx does do home deliveries on Saturdays, so if your order is already in the mail… Saturday would count and Sunday would not.

The best way to find out is to contact your shipper. Some shippers have Saturday hours, and they would know the best!

If your order is already in the mail, contact your local USPS or whoever is delivering your package, and they should be able to help the best!

Is the Post Office Open On Saturday?

In this article on SavingAdvice.com, the USPS tried to stop delivering mail on Saturday but were shot down by the Government Accountability Office.

So the answer to your question, “Is the post office open on Saturday?”… Is YES!!!

Saturday is definitely a go for the post office. Check with your local branch for hours!


Happy Saturday - Postal Locations
Happy Saturday – Postal Locations

Post Office Saturday Hours

While every post office has different hours, things can get very frustrating for people without the right resources. The good news is, we located a website that has this information set up to where you can easily find your post office Saturday Hours!

The website is called PostalLocations.com, and all you have to do is go there and click on the part of the map where you live, then filter by cities and click on your city to get a list of post offices in your area, with hours of each location easily visible!

Happy Saturday - USPS Pic
Happy Saturday – UPS Pic

Can You Pick Up Packages from UPS On Saturday?

Can you pick up packages from UPS on Saturday? Well, yes and no. Let me explain…

If your package is being held at the UPS main office, they are closed on Saturdays. If your package is at a UPS Store, on the other hand, they allow pickups on Saturdays during regular business hours.

Click here to find UPS locations near you, and click here for UPS Store locations!

Happy Saturday – No Brainers – Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has cleared up some of the confusion about Saturdays, post office Saturday hours, and general delivery and business questions about Saturdays. Everyone has asked these same questions, and it gets frustrating when you don’t know… Especially when you’re trying to handle business and you are out and about sweating in the summer heat!

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Happy Saturday - Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday
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