Def Leppard Songs – Best Hashtags for Def Leppard

Def Leppard Songs - Atari - Like Video Game with Back to the 80s In Writing
Def Leppard Songs – Atari – Like Video Game with Back to the 80s In Writing

Def Leppard Hashtags – Best Def Leppard Hashtags

We had to put your Def Lapprd hashtags at the top so that people wouldn’t get frustrated and leave, because many of our visitors just want the best hahstags. If you want to read about on of the worlds favorite bands, just scroll down!

Here are the best Def Leppard hashtags to boost your engagement and total views! As always, we hand-picked our hashtags one at a time to get the best ones possible! We hope this helps!

BEst Def Leppard Influencers

Here are some of the main influencers for Def Leppard, incase you come up with something you are really proud of and you want to alert them to possibly share with their following.

Def Leppard Songs – Best Hashtags for Def Leppard

First of all, Welcome to our Def Leppard songs page, where we will reflect on one of the best 80’s bands ever to step foot on the stage in their era…

Def Leppard Songs - Atari - Like Video Game with Back to the 80s In Writing
Def Leppard Songs – Atari – Like Video Game with Back to the 80s In Writing

I had a client ask me to cover Def Leppard hashtags for her because she is a huge fan, but I had a better idea! I am a music lover too, so we’re just going to cover bands that we know of when we get a chance, and if we miss yours, you can use the contact form in the sidebar.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section as well. We will be glad to cover your favorite band, music genre or topic ASAP and get you the correct hashtags to blow up your shares!

Def Leppard Songs – I Don’t Know About You…

I remember in the 80s I was having the time of my life… I don’t know who else out there can relate, but I was too in love… too busy… and I had a few really close friends that meant everything in the world to me…

Time seemed to stand still and everything seemed to hurt just right…

Def Leppard Songs – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Def Leppard is a British band formed in Sheffield in the late 1970s. One of the first rock and roll songs ever played on MTV was a song by Def Leppard called Bringing On the Heartbteak.

Well, most of Def Leppard success came between 1980 and 1990, they left a permanent, savage burn in the hearts and souls of the entire world.

Now known better as a fire burning down deep inside of us, Def Leppard songs take us back to a time when everything was easy except love.

The time would not even love with complicated. Everything just hurt right…

So that brings us to the next song…

Bringing on the Heartbreak – Def Leppard Songs

Def Leppard seconds hit single from the album High n’ Dry, Bringing on the Hearbreak was Britton together by three members of Def Leppard. (Pete WillisSteve and Joe Elliott).

Bringing on the heartache actually started out as a ballad entitled  “A Certain Heartache,” and at first, Peter Willis was afraid to even sing it for the record company. He was afraid it wouldn’t live up to their big rock image and then it was too much of a ballad.

Quite Contrary, Bringing on the Heartbreak was released and was a huge hit! Believe it or not, this song only hit a peak position of #61 in US top 100, but regardless, Bring On the Heartbreak is a lot of people’s favorite! Enjoy!

Rock of Ages

Yet another knockdown, in your face hit by Def Leppard was Rock Of Ages. An overnight success from their diamond-selling album Pyromania, this song instantly made it to #16 in the US Billboard Hoy 100. Within the blink of an eye, Rock Of Ages had crowds across America rocking out, and quickly made it to #1 on the Top Tracks Rock chart!

Def Leppard re-recorded Rock Of Ages and Pour Some Sugar On Me, re-releasing them as Rock Of Ages 2012, released June 4, 2012.
Rock Of Ages has become a rock staple, and what I like about it…
You can always get an announcement of what’s coming first…

“Gunter glieben glauten globen”,

Armageddon It

Later on, in their 1987 album Hysteria, we have another head ringer by Def Leppard that has also become a rock and roll staple… Armageddon It was released as a single in 1988, and it went pretty much straight to #3 in the US charts. This was Def Leppard’s 4th US Top Ten Hit!

Here are the official video and artwork from Armageddon It!


A ton of fans would say that this is their favorite love song by Brittish heartthrob Def Leppard. #10 in their 1987 album also entitled Hysteria, this song made it to #9 in US Album Rock Tracks, and quickly became a staple in Rock and Roll! Enjoy the video!

Don’t forget to grab all of your Def Leppard Facebook groups at the bottom, and your Def Leppard hashtags to boost your shares!



Def Leppard Has Their Own BEER!

Def Leppard released a pale ale beer along with their tour this summer with Journey. Made of Pacific Northwestern hops, al lot of people are saying that it is delicious. As you can see in the video above, Def Leppard is drinking it as well, a lot of people.

Def Leppard Pale is available in 16 oz cans and various bars, clubs, and venues near where they play out!

All Def Leppard Songs On iTunes! (That I Could Find)

This section will cover all Def Leppard songs on iTunes. Here is the iTunes link for Def Leppard’s main thingamajiggy! We have listed all of Def Leppard songs alphabetically, to make it easy to navigate for you!

[read more=”Click Here for Full Song List” less=”Read Less”] 

21st Century Sha La La La Girl


Action Live

Action! Not Words

All I Want Is Everything

All Night


Animal Live

Another Hit And Run

Another Hit And Run Live

Answer To The Master

Armageddon It

Armageddon It Live

Back In Your Face

Billy’s Got A Gun

Blood Runs Cold

Breathe A Sigh

Bringin’ On The Heartbreak

Bringin’ On The Heartbreak Live

Comin’ Under Fire


Day After Day

Deliver Me

Demolition Man

Desert Song

Die Hard The Hunter

Die Hard The Hunter Live

Don’t Shoot Shotgun  

Don’t Shoot Shotgun Remastered 2017



Excitable Remastered Mix

Excitable Orgasmic Mix


Fooling Live

Four Letter Word

Fractured Love

From The Inside

Gift Of Flesh

Gift Of Flesh Phil Vocals

Girl Like You

Gods Of War

Gods of War Remastered

Gods of War Live




Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

Acoustic Medley 2012: Where Does Love Go When It Dies/Now/When Love and Hate Collide/Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad/Two Steps Behind (Live) – Single

Heaven Is

Hello America

High And Dry


I Wanna Be Your Hero (Revised)

I Wanna Touch You

It Could Be You

It Don’t Matter

It’s Only Love

Kings Of Oblivion

Lady Strange

Let It Go

Let Me Be The One

Let’s Get Rocked

Let’s Get Rocked Live

Long, Long Way To Go

Love And Affection

Love and Affection Live

Love Bites

Love Bites Remastered 2017

Love Bites Live

Love Don’t Lie

Make Love Like A Man

Make Love Like A Man Live

Me And My Wine (remix)

Medicine Man ( I couldn’t find this one!)

Mirror, Mirror Look Into My Eyes

Miss You In A Heartbeat

Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric Version)

Miss You In A Heartbeat (secret Version) – Sorry guys!

Move With Me Slowly

Move With Me Slowly (Phil Chorus Vocal) [Bonus Track]

No No No


Now I’m Here (Live)

On Through The Night

Only After Dark


Paper Sun

Pearl Of Euphoria

Pearl Of Euphoria Rough Mix

Personal Property


Photograph Live

Pour Some Sugar On Me


Promises Live

Ride Into The Sun

Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire (alternate Lyrics)

Rock Brigade

Rock Of Ages

Rock of Ages Live

Rock Rock Till You Drop


Rocks Off

Run Riot

Run Riot Remastered



She’s Too Tough


Sorrow Is A Woman


Stagefright Live

Stand Up (kick Love Into Motion)

Switch 625

Switch 625 Live

Tear It Down

To Be Alive


Too Late For Love

Torn To Shreds


Turn To Dust

Two Steps Behind (acoustic Version)

Two Steps Behind (electric Version)



When Love And Hate Collide

When The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Where Does Love Go When It Dies

White Lightning


Work It Out

You Got Me Runnin’

You’re So Beautiful



Def Leppard Songs – Final Thoughts

We hope this blog helps you reflect some on Def Leppard and all of the great times we had in the 80’s and 90’s. There were a couple of songs here that I couldn’t find online, please forgive me for that.

Below, you will find some of the biggest Facebook groups for people that like Def Leppard. Join up, especially if you curate content on them, so you can get your content to the right people.



Def Leppard Songs – Top 10 Biggest Def Leppard Facebook Groups

Def Leppard 5,779 Members

Def Leppard Should Be In The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame 8,024 Members

The Def Leppard Nation – 17,339 Members

Def Leppard Girls Unite 3,900 Members

Def leppard family 3,700 Members

For Fans of Joe Elliott,The Down ‘N’ Outz And Def Leppard – 2,300 Members

Def Leppard Die Hard Fans – 768 Members

Def Leppard fan club – 1,579 Members

Def Leppard fan club – 1,745 Members’

Def Leppard Hysteria And Pyromania!! – 1,400 Members

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