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Pat Benatar Songs – We Belong by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar songs can be heard playing across the world, in every walk of life, and in every age group and ethnicity or religious background. Better known as Patricia Andrzejewski, Pat grew up in Lindenhurst, Long Island and was singing and dropping jaws with her 4.5-octave voice as early as elementary school.

Pat Benatar did very well in school, and got accepted to Julliard, but was in love with her high school sweetheart Dennis Benatar. Pat knew of her talent without question. She dropped a bank teller job in 1973 and got a gig singing with a lounge band called Coxon’s Army, which she dumped to head for NYC in 1975. In 1976 she decided to try an open mic at open mic night at Catch a Rising Star, which she NAILED, landing her right in the lap of the club owner, Rick Newman, and she has been hitting lick after lick ever since.

Our Thoughts – Pat Benatar Songs

To many, Pat Benatar is considered a rock legend. To others, Pat Benatar songs are a staple for the era they grew up in. As a know rule breaker and free spirit, Pat Benatar is the living example of a true superstar. She stars as herself every time he stars in a movie, and she looks better and more breathtaking every time she sings to us…

More On The Goddess

Four-time Grammy Award winner, author, singer, songwriter, and actress Pat Benatar is still on tour rocking and rolling today. Currently, she is touring the US with Neil Giraldo, starring for bands such as TOTO, Sammer Hagar, Melissa Etheridge, and more! Click here to check out Pat and Neil’s tour dates!

Pat Benatar has a total of 10 albums out, two multi-platinum,  five platinum, and three gold. 15 top chart hits, among which, (and I’m sure everybody knows this one) “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Some other ones you might know by Pat Benatar are Love is a Battlefield, We Belong, and Invincible.

Pat has an amazing soul, an amazing sound, an immaculate life and career doing what she loves, and her whole story is quite intriguing. Here is Pat Benatar’s whole story on her website if you want to read for yourself!

Pat Benatar Songs Live
Pat Benatar Songs Live

Grammy Awards Won by Pat Benatar 

  • 1980 – Best Rock Vocal Performance for Crimes of Passion @ 23rd Annual Grammy Awards
  • 1981 Best Rock Vocal Performance for Fire and Ice @ 24th Annual Grammy Awards
  • 1982 Best Rock Vocal Performance for Shadows of the Night @ 25th Annual Grammy Awards
  • 1983 Best Rock Vocal Performance for Love Is A Battlefield @ 26th Annual Grammy Awards

Miss Beatar was also nominated for 2 Grammy awards in 1985, one in 1986, and two more in 1988 and 1999. Her most recent work

Things You May Not Know About Pat Benatar:

  • Patricia is a Native New Yorker
  • She was interested in music and acting as a child.
  • Patricia song her first solo at the age of 8 years old.
  • Patricia has sung and Jingles for Coca-Cola
  • Miss Benatar married her high school sweetheart, but later divorced and remarried Neil Giraldo. They now live happily in Los Angeles California with her two daughters.
  • When Pat Benatar makes a TV appearance, it is usually as herself.
  • Pat Benatar has written 3 books. (Below)

Pay Benatar Media – Books, CDs and More!

Here is the Pat Benatar collection! We did this so that if you are a fan, you can see all of her available work in one place!

All Pat Benatar Books

Between a Heart and a Rock Place: A Memoir – $9.48 on eBay

Pat Benatar – Greatest Hits (Songbook)  – $9.99 On Google Play

Pat Benatar – Best Shots: Piano – Vocal – Check It Out On Amazon

All Pat Benatar Albums

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Artist Page On iTunes

Greatest Hits

Best Shots

Crimes Of Passion

35th Anniversary Tour Live

In the Heat of the Night

Get Nervous

Precious Time


Synchronistic Wanderings (Remastered)

Live from Earth

Seven the Hard Way

True Love

Wide Awake In Dreamland

Gravity’s Rainbow


Legends Live In Concert, Vol. 2

8-15-80 (Live) [Remastered]

Alive In America (Live)

Invincible (Remixes) – Single

One December Night – Single

Dancing Through the Wreckage (From “Served Like a Girl”) – Single

Heartbreaker – Single

Shine – Single

Invincible (feat. Pat Benatar) – EP

Mr. Sam & Andy Duguid



Pat Benatar Songs – Final Thoughts

Pat Benatar is a living legend and rock icon. A goddess. An angel and a demon. A rock staple and a perfect example of true, free, rock and roll spirit. She won’t stop even after she dies and that is what makes the woman so beautiful.

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