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Space Engineers – Space Engineers Hashtags

If you came to read the space engineers review… Scroll below these hashtags. We have to put the hashtags uptop to keep our bounce rate down, since people are looking for hashtags…

Being gamers ourselves, we know how much you like to share your experiences when you play! When the survival of the fittest gives you bragging rights… Who is looking out for you to make sure that your social media shares get out to more people?

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Space Engineers Influencers

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Space Engineers – What to Expect – Game Overview

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Space Engineers is a popular sandbox game that was released on Steam in 2013 that allows users to create and play in their own custom worlds and planets.  The game allows users to choose what equipment they use and build defenses to protect themselves in battles. Players can build jetpacks, engines, and structures out of a number of combined materials. These creations play into your survival strategy, so you get good at it really quickly LOL.

If the idea of being able to create you’re own small to large ships and work from either spaceships or land-based stations appeals to you… Then you should probably check out Space Engineers. (Most likely a coming favorite)

Space Engineers is very closely knit to its name in nature, It allows users to collect different components that are needed to build and customize more structures. Players use slopes, blocks, triangles, inverted triangles, and other engineering equipment to build their defenses. (Just like actual aerospace engineers.) Users can keep their creations, or tear them down if they don’t like them, which allows them to build a skill set that is more than ample to their accommodate their survival in the game.

Space Engineers - Flying Around In Space from Inside Spaceship
Space Engineers – Flying Around In Space from Inside Spaceship

Space Engineers Planets – Navigation Around Planets and Moons

You have three planet variations to choose from, which are:

  • Alien, – As you could probably guess, Alien planets are filled with strange vegetive growth and a thin, breathable atmosphere.
  • Mars, – Mars planets are resemblant of real-life mars, in the sense that it is barren of vegetation, They also require breathing equipment.
  • Earth-like, – Again, as you may have already imagined, Earth-like means that you can breathe without apparatus, and will recognize plants and other qualities.

What we found cool about this game, is the fact that most of the natural phenomena of the planets in the game are very resemblant to the same phenomena that hold our own universe together here in the Milky Way…

On the different planets, you will find gravity fields, atmospheres, and vegetation unique to each planet, but with the added danger of hostile lifeforms, you are in for a different adventure wherever you decide to dock and set up your base. (Which brings us to the next topic… HOSTILES!)

Watch Out for Pirate Bases and NPC’s – Hostiles Up the Stakes!

To contribute to the competitive element, there are Pirate Bases on some of the planets, (specifically those in easy start modes) and NPCs, as well, who are both aggressive and difficult to work around because they are hostile and don’t want you there. (Of course, that means to kill them and it anyway!)

Space Engineers - Space Station Activity
Space Engineers – Space Station Activity

Ores and Atmospheres – The Intricacies of Strategy

When you are looking for a place to set up shop, you will find easily spottable veins of ores, ranging from cobalt and gold to silicon and magnesium are sometimes hiding beneath tall grasses, which makes picking the right spot to mine quite complicated. You get used to these things easily, so no worries.

There are intricacies built into the game such as drilling complications that are tougher in certain conditions, and the same applies to maneuver around, meaning your thrusters may not work well in certain atmospheres compared to others.

For instance, in Space Engineers, the planets and moons will allow your ion thrusters to max out at 100% efficiency, while thicker atmospheres will slow your efficiency to around 30%. Gravitational fields near planets will affect your maneuverability as well, but can also play in your favor if you intend to park in a gravitational field for any reason in a slow orbit.

There are dangers afoot, even once you get used to the gravity and atmospheres, and start actively becoming good at your craft. (Just like any good survival game.)

Space Engineers - Spaceship Flying through Asteroid Battlefield
Space Engineers – Spaceship Flying through Asteroid Battlefield

Bottom Line – If You Are the Creative/StrategicType with A Wild Streak for Blowing things Up, You Will LOVE this Game!

Join the Space Engineers communities online now to start creating worlds and putting your scientific knowledge to work with others to survive in space and on planets. Space Engineers allows users to gain skills and experience in manufacturing and ingenuity.

Space Engineers gives players the ability to learn from working within the limitations imposed by a number of real-life engineering factors. Players will gain experience in strategy and management while constantly keeping an eye on the effectiveness of their engineering efforts and overall sustainability.

From engineering and construction to maintenance and mining to get materials for new projects, Space Engineers players find themselves running full bodied transportation communication strategies, as they build for both development and exploration.

Bottom line… Space Engineers engulfs users in a 3-dimensional military space engineering experience.

Use explosives, perform construction rigging and specialize in battleship design and construction while you build and manage all elements that factor into the burning question at the end…

Whether or not you have what it takes to make the cut and survive.


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