Juul Vape – in Defense of Our Industry Leaders… Anti Smoking Hashtags


Juul Vape – in Defense of Our Industry Leaders…

The founders of the JUUL Vape set out with one mission in mind… They wanted to help smokers live a better life! What started out as a few hurt feelings and a background in product development,  ended up as one of the most discreet and effective smoking alternatives of all time… The JUUL Vape.

The JUUL Vape was first introduced to the Vape Market on June 1, 2015, by Pax Labs. JUUL then broke off from PAX Labs into their own Juul Labs Inc. of San Francisco. Between 2015, and 2018, JUUL sales climbed up to an amazing 54% of the U.S. e-cigarette market. The JUUL is sold in the form of a pen or a USB device that has a smooth, satisfying hit, and can be so easily concealed.

JUUL’s vape pen started out in the US and soon became available in Israel as well. Now, JUUL is focusing their efforts on expanding internationally, and after you read this article, you will likely agree with us that they should.

The main problem people have with vaping is not the fact that adult smokers are using e-cigarettes as an alternative. The truth is, we would all be happy for them. If not for any other reason than the fact that vaping doesn’t put nearly as much junk in your lungs.

The main problem people have with vaping is the fact that kids are vaping. The next section will share how JUUL had to defend themselves against liability for something that is demeaning and to be honest… Impossible due to the transparency of their mission statements.

JUUL Vape – Adolescents Miss the Point

On December 8th of 2016, Fortune Magazine published an article amplifying the surgeon general’s warning towards adolescents that were trying starting a trend with JUUL vapes and other e-cigarettes. This was mainly to warn that nicotine can cause some serious health problems for young people under 25 years old because the brain is not even finished developing until you’re 25.

So, risks associated with nicotine intake at ages under 25 would be considered almost double that of adults, putting the danger level somewhere between, “stupid, don’t do it,” and “possibly life-altering to the point of suffering for the rest of your life…” Either way, pretty stupid!

JUUL Vape at that point countered with an educational program designed to educate and discourage adolescents from using the JUUL. It had to be difficult for the founders of JUUL to embrace all of this heat from the press, considering the fact that they designed theJUUL for the exact opposite reason. (To help.)

JUUL Vape – Final Thoughts from Someone Who Cares

If you didn’t watch the video above yet, let me warn you that it is pretty gross. This is a perfect example of why JUUL got into the vaping business in the first place.

They wanted to prevent this for ADULT smokers. They don’t condone any adolescents smoking, and it’s not fair that they take any heat for trying to help.

As you can see in the video, no matter WHAT people are saying about vapes… In fact, if you research online, you will find article after article of proof that e-cigarettes are being tested and proven to be safer than cigarettes… Every time!

CDC Smoking Deaths Statistics - JUUL Vapes Are Innocent
CDC Smoking Deaths Statistics – JUUL Vapes Are Innocent

Our Prayers for People that Smoke

If you are a smoker, our prayers are that you stop, or at least switch to an alternative. If you are an adolescent, please don’t smoke!

There are GROVES of people… I mean millions of them… That could tell you how stupid smoking is, and how bad it hurts to be damaged or watch your loved ones hurt by it.

Not to mention the fact that we are stinky, smelly, weak, yellowing, and ashamed of ourselves. AND Killing each other!

Bottom Line:

JUUL Vapes are innocent! Let’s try to get off the industry leaders with all the right hurt feelings and on our own weaknesses and quit this huh? I mean, if your kids are going to be stupid enough to smoke with all the proof around that its bad  for them, companies like JUUL are making their mistakes cost a lot less than cigarettes would!

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