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Cop Hashtags – Hand-Picked Social Media Power for Our Heroes!


We decided to do cop hashtags next because cops are our superheroes. They get to go out and play good guys every day and handle some of the worst people on Earth, so why shouldn’t they have the most popular cop hashtags?

Our hashtags will get your social media engagement and organic reach up by up to 70%! Our competitors…. Aren’t! See for yourself why we are better!

In this post, you’ll find a hand-picked list of the best cop hashtags for social media posts, and a social responsibility statement dedicated to our nation’s heroes!

You will also find a list of the top 10 biggest cop Facebook groups, and a list of a few other special resources that we put together for our favorite police officers!

NOTE: If you came just for cop hashtags, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy them!

Our Social Responsibility Statement for Law Enforcement

We wanted to take the time out to offer our certified copywriting and SEO services to any law enforcement employees, agencies, are bloggers that may need our help!

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Cop Hashtags - Police Officer Couple
Cop Hashtags – Police Officer Couple

Top Dating Sites for Police Officers

We decided that you’re not allowed to be alone if you’re willing to risk your life for ours! So, what we’ve done here is made a list of the top chat rooms for police officers so that you can meet friends, girlfriends, boyfriend’s, whatever…

This is where your police officer BFFs hang out:

Uniform Dating 

Uniform dating has thousands of members, male and female, and what’s better, they are all police officers! You can filter them by the color of their hair, eyes, body style, etc. You will have to upgrade to a premium membership to be able to communicate, but the memberships are relatively cheap, and there are some really good benefits as well.

While it’s frustrating to have to pay for a service like this, it’s also standard to dating sites…

Here are some of the benefits of a premium membership at uniform dating:

  • Set Up A Free Profile
  • Search For Mates Free
  • View
  • Affordable Payments – $1.17 – $0.53 a day! (The prices get lower according to how long you pay in advance. )
  • Unrestricted Communication
  • Favorites List
  • See Everyone That Likes You
  • See Everyone That Viewed Your Profile

There are thousands and thousands of attractive police officers looking for friendship, dating, a friendship, dating, & and marriage on this police officer dating site! Plus, there are added perks to a premium membership. (Like the ability to browse all profiles and view pictures in full size!)

Set Up A Free Uniform Dating Profile!

Cop Hashtags - Police Singles
Cop Hashtags – Police Singles

Police Singles

I knew as soon as I got to that they were different. The first line of text on Police Singles says, “We send a shout out of respect and appreciation for the amazing work, sacrifice, and protection that our local, state, and federal law enforcement officers provide us as citizens to keep us safe and secure.” – Police Singles

I set up a profile, just to check out the site and see what it was like, and the first thing I noticed was the site is easily navigatable, and they want you to finish your profile… (I see a big 20% over to my left daunting me, but here we go…

A lot like most dating sites, you have to upgrade to make any moves in here towards actually contacting members. The thing is, with a customer service department, and a list of features like the ones below… Who could blame them? Online brands have to make a living too, you know?

Hre are some of the benefits of being paid member of

  • Instant Messaging
  • Email/Start Conversations
  • See Who’s Ben Scoping You Out
  • Advanced Search Features
  • First in Line to Recieve New Features
  • Options to Top List and Highlight Your Profile
  • Read and Reply to Emails
  • Send and Recieve Wnks
  • Send and Recieve Meets

And much more! This police officer dating site is more expensive than Uniform Dating, but it gets good reviews and has a dedicated staff. Click here to check out Police Singles and you be the judge!


Top Chat Rooms for Police Officers

These are some cool chat rooms for police officers if you are more of the chatterbox type. Some of us just prefer being able to chop it up with someone, instead of having to wait for emails and all that jazz.

These are the best chat rooms for police officers to find your other police officer chatterbox friends~!

Police Chat City

Police Chat City is a cooperative network of chat sites, giving you access o tons more people through niche marketing and segmentation.
What this does, is it collects thousands of more members than a stationary single site and segments them into groups by interests hobbies, location… You name it. This will give users wanting to connect tons more options than one website could ever get their hands on.

Here are some other ones we haven’t tested yet: (We will be adding more to this post later!)

Top 10 Biggest Cop Facebook Groups

Air Force Security Forces/Police/Air Police (Retired/Separated/soon to be) – 33,000 Members

US Army Military Police Veterans – 2,000 Members

U.S. Army Military Police Corps Veterans – 19,000 Members

United States Air Force Security Police – 9,600 Members

State Police, Troopers, and Officers – 3,900 Members

Houston Area Police Stuff Buy, Sell, Trade (LEO’s Only) – 3,200 Members

Police Officers – 41,000 Members


The Correctional Officer Brotherhood – 49,000 Members

Response Police Officers – 5,600 Members

Cop Hashtags – Best Cop Hashtags

Best Influencers for Police Related Content

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