Can You Use Numbers in A Hashtag? – Most Popular Hashtags

Can you Use Numbers in A Hashtag? – Most Popular Hashtags?

Have you ever asked the question “Can You Use Numbers In A Hashtag?” We have. If you are like most of us, you probably ignored hashtags for a while before you even started to use them.

This blog will answer your question, and give you the basic and give you a few easy to remember facts about using hashtags. Hopefully, this will clear things up for you!

Can you Use Numbers in A Hashtag?

In a word… Yes!  You can use numbers. As a matter of fact, you can use everything except special characters, but there are a few rules.

Here Are Some Hashtag Rules that Should Save You Some Time:

  • You Can Not Use All Numbers
  • You Can Not Use Numbers First (e.g. 121solar)
  • Special Characters Are Not Allowed
  • You Can Not Use Spaces

There are a couple of other things that you need to be aware of, like how to use hashtags without being spammy, and how to use a proper hashtag strategy.

Basically, you want to sprinkle your hashtags in with the flow of your sentence as much as possible, to avoid having a big chunk of hashtags that will look careless.

This will keep you looking nice and neat out there, and show your followers that you care about telling them something, and you’re not just throwing stuff at them.

Final Thoughts – Can you Use Numbers in A Hashtag? 

You will grow and learn more as you work with hashtags, but for the most part, this should keep you out of trouble. What we do, is hand pick each hashtag individually for popularity. You can use to find the best tags dor your topic or you can leave a comment requesting your topic and we will get to your request asap!

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