Proper Hashtag Strategy – Why Is It Important?

Proper Hashtag Strategy
Proper Hashtag Strategy – Why Is It Important? Thanks for coming to our proper hashtag strategy page! If you don’t know, hashtags are are words or phrases with a pound sign (#) placed in front of them. Hashtags are used on social media and blogging platforms for the purpose of labeling or “tagging” the topic of the content people are posting about. This “tagging” helps people that search engines find content related to your topic and get it to the right people. There are several good reasons why you should use a proper hashtag strategy when posting your content. Aside from the fact that you can get banned by programs set out to fight against bots and automation, such as (more…)

Do Hashtag Generators Work ? – Welcome to the Machine!

Do Hashtag Generators Work?
Do Hashtag Generators Work? Welcome to the Machine! Do hashtag generators work you ask? Well the answer is not that complicated. However, you will find a lot of information online pointing in either direction. The fact is, the people that really know the truth are just not blogging about it. According to this post on, there is nothing better that you can do for your business then use a hashtag generator to fill out your social media shares with “hashtag  power.” Which is true!   However, if you ‘ve ever tested hashtag generated hashtags against a batch of our hand picked hashtags, you would know a totally different truth. The bottom line is that there is no comparison to manual labor (more…)

The HOTH Affiliate Program – Don’t Miss this One!

The HOTH Affiliate Program – HOTH Blitz Banner The HOTH Affiliate Program – Don’t Miss this One! It looks like the HOTH affiliate program is just another chance for the HOTH to tell the world how serious they are! In this review, I will give go over the benefits of signing up with the HOTH affiliate program in detail with you. I will point out what they offer, and what makes the HOTH one of the best companies to affiliate for so you can sign up and start making money. The HOTH Sells Because they Work Hard and Get Results I worked for the HOTH  for a while as a content writer. I loved it but needed better money to (more…)

Influencer Marketing for Dummies – When to Aim for Earned Media

Influencer Marketing - Woman In A Light Bulb Being Swirled Around in Water
Influencer Marketing for Dummies – Hand Holding A Phone With World Map Art Emanating from It Influencer Marketing for Dummies – When to Reach Out for Earned Media First of all, thank you for visiting our influencer marketing for dummies blog. We wanted to blog about this topic because we offer the top three influencers on every topic, and you may not know what these are for. DISCLAIMER: Influancer relationships are protected and governed by the Federal Trade Commission. This is not marketing advice for signed influencers, only for times when you have absolutely incredible or unique content, and you think that influencers may willingly help you extend your reach to more people because they like it. If you do (more…)

Marketing Hashtags – Social Media Impact and Hashtags

Marketing Hashtags- Best Marketing Hashtags - Letters Spelling Marketing - Scrabble
Marketing Hashtags – Social Media Impact and Hashtags Marketing Hashtags – Social Media Impact and Hashtagsl Hi there! Thanks for visiting our Marketing Hashtags- Best Marketing Hashtags blog! If you came to clip the best marketing hashtags for popularity and engagement, we have hand-picked a list of them for you. If you aren’t familiar with what we do yet, check out our research on lazy hashtags to see why you want us getting your lists for you! One more thing before we get your list! If for some reason your favorite topic is not covered, just use the comment section at the bottom of the page, and submit a request. We will blog and have your topic in under 48 hours. (more…)

Are Hashtags Case Sensitive – Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags

Are Hashtags Case Sensitive - Globe Pic with a Lock and Writing
Are Hashtags Case Sensitive – Original Blue and White Hashtag Art Are Hashtags Case Sensitive – Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags Hi there! Welcome to our Are Hashtags Case Sensitive page! If you have never been here before, you can click here to see why we are the best in our niche, hands down! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so that you can get hooked up with over 3 million Facebook group users per month and get a list of monthly hashtag contests sent right to your inbox! Are Hashtags Case Sensitive? What Are Hashtags Anyway? Are Hashtags Case Sensitive – What Are Hashtags Anyway? Hashtags are words used in conjunction with a pound sign (more…)